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FOXNEWS.COM Corporation Limited

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FOXNEWS.COM Corporation Limited
Website For Sale: URL Hidden
Asked Price: $7,900,000
About The Website
The nature of mine electronic page is about braeking news, latest news, news and videos in the U.S.A. world, and also about entertainment, Health, business, technology, politics and news about all activities sportives.
It has too a good engine of search.
Monthly Revenue: $658,333
Revenue sources: By promoting and upgrading other sites, companies private and publics worldwide.
Monthly Visitors: 47,138,075
Traffic sources: All the my visitors or users of mine electronic page come of all countries of the our planet Earth or world.
Reason For Selling
Hello the my name is Joaquim Henrique Afonso Raimundo, I have 37 years of age, I am Entrepreneur in the country of England in city capital of London and the reason for me sell the mine electronic page is because I want invest this money in a different business.

Address: 11 Conduit way, Stonebridge Park, Greater London City, Brent London, Middlesex,
NW10 0RX.
England-Great Britain Continent.
Mob: 00447415126051
Email: drjoaquimraimundo5@hotmail.co.uk
Please could you send the cheque in the my name, signed by you to the my address. Many Thanks.
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