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Charitable Assistance Fund needs to help fund Special fund

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Charitable Assistance Fund needs to help fund Special fund
Website For Sale:  fundhelps.com  
Asked Price: $10,000
About The Website
«FundHelps.com Foundation needs help" Charitable Foundation was created in 2016 for the development and implementation of social projects in the area of ??support in difficult times, women with many children, World War II, Small Business, Children's Home, Give Life, Cpasem world, the unemployed, pensioners , People, orphans, housing, are in a difficult life situation. Think you saw a needy person tempted to help him, but due to lack of time, refused to this idea, or did not have time to write down details for transferring the single need of the mother, or if you have a good mood, everything in life is wonderful and you would like to share a part of his happiness, to share it with someone, for example, the provision of a symbolic, a little help. Agree, it happens to all of us. But even symbolic, a little help at first sight for you, for someone can be decisive and that you will be the "last hope".  Traditional charity, it is not so easy, and even more so do not fast this last century, it implies that you need to find out who needs help, then get comprehensive information about the needy (problem details, documents proving the necessity and so on.) learn how to make a donation, fill out a receipt, to defend the place to make a donation and so on. All this you have to do yourself. But most of us do not have time for this, and why almost everyone who is ready to help by submitting all this valakitu immediately lose the desire to do it.  With us, everything is very simple and easy, you choose from the list of those in need, those users that you would like to help, and two clicks produce a donation. Does not it just the truth? Do not have anywhere to run, fill receipt, to stand in queues, everything is done for your PC in minutes. The project «FundHelps.com Foundation needs help" - a single register of all charities and their beneficiaries, with the possibility of obtaining and providing material assistance online (through requests and donations).  In simple words: the project «FundHelps.com Foundation needs help" - a mechanism by which one can get help and do good deeds. Our goal - to provide convenient, fast and free tool that will allow as soon as possible to receive the necessary assistance. Participants include and benefactors, they have a special role. Benefactor could be anyone, regardless of their social status.  Charity online - it's easy, even if you have never done it. With us, charity becomes a simple, interesting and most importantly - accessible to all, without exception. Check for yourself, to get started you just need to become a member by completing the brief form of several lines.
Monthly Revenue: $2,000,000
Revenue sources: donations
Monthly Visitors: 35,000
Traffic sources: Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine
Reason For Selling
Urgent need money for a new project
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